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Gospel Music

KSOM Choir

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Music Class

Music Tuition

One of the services we provide at KSOM is music tuition. We work put practitioners and teachers together with people that want to learn a new instrument or want to advance their skills..

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Young and not so young..

At KSOM we embrace all ages and enjoy some of our group learning, this can offer a unique experience to some of our younger and older students to learn with each other.


Music Production

At KSOM we offer lessons and tutorials in music production. Using software like LOGIC and ABLETON you can learn to produce your music or music from others. We offer 1-1 and group workshops.

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At KSOM we have facilities for recording and producing music for local musicians, singers and anyone who just wants to try it out.

There are people that need recordings for various reasons. we have helped people record a wide range of music and vocal performances such as spoken word and poetry also.

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