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Helping to address the problems with inequality and isolation within the community by means of tutoring, support and community events.


IT and Computing

IT and Computing

Music Tuition and Production


Community and Events

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Kilburn State Of Mind was founded in 2019


We are a charity based in Kilburn, Brent & London.

Offering learning facilities and expertise to the community and locality of Kilburn and surroundings areas.

We are focused on teaching I.T, computing and music to people who otherwise may not have the opportunity to learn.

We offer space, guidance and facilities to small community groups and organisations in order for them to realise their objectives and create even more 'opportunities for the community'.

We plan small and large events locally and across London to bring people together.

We are committed to making a difference in peoples lives and challenging the problems with inequality and isolation by offering these services free of charge to people and households in Brent.

We feel we can help to balance the problems with inequality by providing people with access to IT equipment, training, mentoring and online courses to improve their quality of life.


KSOM also plan and manage community events to continue to bring People together across our corner of Brent and Camden.

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Kilburn State Of Mind

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we are accepting donations via paypal and balance transfer

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